Monday, December 24, 2007

More Large Books From Smaller Houses

I was talking below about the importance of smaller houses to the crime publishing scene. Here are two more current examples of books which deserve wide attention.

, published by Bleak House and one of Sarah Weinman's picks these days, is a debut novel by Bill Bryan, a television writer who has "stolen vast sums from all the major media companies." It's about a TV veteran reduced to producing a reality show called "The Mogul" and who investigates a crime using the genre's techniques.

Imagine Kafka crossed with Woody Allen and you'll begin to see why Pushcart Prize-winning Pendarvis's stories are so highly-praised. THE MYSTERIOUS SECRET OF THE VALUABLE TREASURE, from MacAdam/Cage, is a collection of stories as funny as they are weird.

Let's hear it for the little guys...

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