Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dr. Soos to the Rescue

I've said it before: Mass market paperback originals are the Rodney Dangerfield of the publishing trade -- they get no respect. Many top crime writers now firmly entrenched between hardcovers began writing paperback originals: John Shannon and Harlan Coben come to immediate mind. And Terry Soos -- a writer, historian and physicist -- could well be the next.

Soos' excellent historical suspense novels have been compared to Caleb Carr's, especially the ones starring Marshall Webb -- a writer for Harper's Weekly who digs up lots of dirt on New York political and police scandals of a hundred years ago which sound very much like today's headlines.

Dr. Soos's latest involves Webb, his basically honest but not completely graft-free Brooklyn cop friend Buck Morehouse (he'll accept free drinks and food, but never cash), and a female social reformer who all get mixed up in a couple of murders during the bloody trolley worker's strike in Brooklyn in 1895. Wonderful stuff: more attention should be paid.

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