Sunday, September 21, 2008

What the Bookseller Buys

To paraphrase Omar Khayyám (the poet, not the 9/11 terrorist), "What is it that the bookseller buys one half so precious as what he sells?" Here are some of the books I've actually paid money for in the last 10 days -- not including stuff from The Rap Sheet's Forgotten Friday list:

A Beautiful Blue Death, by Charles Finch
I loved his new book, The September Society, about a Victorian era private detective who works in a richly described Oxford, and realized I'd missed his first.

Driftless, by David Rhodes

A very good piece in the Los Angeles Times made me remember I'd enjoyed his earlier books, and wondered why he hadn't written anything lately.

The Time Of Their Lives: The Golden Age Of Great American Book Publishers. I've known Al Silverman since our men's magazine days, and this sounds great. It also got a very funny review by another former men's magazine editor (and one of my favorite writers) Bruce Jay Friedman.

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