Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Welcome Return of Fiddler


Need some good news? David Thompson, publisher of Busted Flush Press in Houston (an homage of course to Travis McGee) is putting one of his (and my) favorite series ever back into print -- the Fiddler books written (as A.E. Maxwell) by Ann and Evan Maxwell. She is now best known as Elizabeth Lowell, and sells a ton of books under that moniker.

Just Another Day In Paradise
was the first of four Fiddlers to hit our roofs in the 1980s, followed by The Frog and the Scorpion, Gatsby's Vineyard, and Just Enough Light To Kill -- all of which Busted Flush will reprint as handsome trade paperbacks in the coming months.

Paradise finds Fiddler obsessed with his gorgeous ex-mate Fiora, who drafts him into helping her save the life of her self-destructive twin brother. When the Fiddler books first came out, their lean prose and evocative looks at California life won comparisons to Spenser and McGee. Now, thanks to Thompson, we can all relive the pleasures of our youth.

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