Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On Ravens' Bloody Wings

Remember THE CAVEMAN'S VALENTINE, which earned its author George Dawes Green loads of rave reviews plus an Edgar for Best First Novel? It's just been reissued by Grand Central as a spiffy trade paperback, to coincide with the hardcover publication of Green's latest -- a terrfic thriller called RAVENS.

The ravens here are two scary birds named Shaw McBride and Romeo Zderko. They had only planned on pulling over from I-95 in Georgia for just long enough to put some air in their leaky tire, but when the convenience store clerk reveals that a winning ticket to the multimillion-dollar jackpot has just been sold, Shaw and Romeo change their plans and hatch a scheme. Since the clerk had accidentally given away the winner's home where they take the family hostage.

Like CAVEMAN and THE JUROR (also just out in trade paperback), RAVENS is beautifully written. It has already moved high up on my list of the year's best book.

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