Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sherlock Holmes as a Pulp Hero

Those smart guys at Hard Case Crime will be bringing the last of the original Sherlock Holmes novels, THE VALLEY OF FEAR, back to bookstores in a new edition in December – complete with this great cover by Glen Orbik.

As Hard Case's Charles Ardai says, “The pulp treatment isn't wholly inappropriate, since THE VALLEY OF FEAR isn't your typical Sherlock Holmes story. Written at the start of WWI rather than in the Victorian era, VALLEY is a muscular, dark, violent tale set largely in the U.S., about a private eye out of Chicago who sets out to clean up a crooked Pennsylvania mining town only to find himself on the run from supporters of the men he put in jail. When his pursuers chase him across the ocean to England and the sawed-off shotguns come out, even Sherlock Holmes can do only so much to keep them at bay.”

Sounds good, Charles. And the cover is one of Hard Case Crime's best.

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