Sunday, October 11, 2009


Comments about my new blog, ARCs 'R' Us, and my reply:

Blogger Ray said...

Isn't it a little off to sell ARCs? I mean, didn't Mr Adler get them for free?

12:16 PM
Blogger Brian said...

Yeah, I'd agree. If I can't place my extras with another blogger/reviewer then I donate mine to a local cancer center for the patients undergoing chemotherapy and have to spend hours there.

3:40 PM
Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

It says right on arcs that they aren't to be sold, so yeah, it's off. There have been these debates before, and not all will see eye to eye on it, but in light of the FTC regulations that have been discussed at blogs (It's a Crime) recently, this is an interesting move. When the regulations take effect this is like providing a list for the FTC to cross-check, and prove what you've received for free, isn't it? Never mind the obvious interest the IRS will take.

On the flip side of the coin, there is a potential advantage to authors. Readers who are prepared to buy an arc from someone who got it for free, and take the trouble of ordering it, are probably more likely to be vocal about the book, to review it on amazon or tell friends if they liked it. I'm prepared to acknowledge that, while saying that personally, I could never sell arcs, and Brian's already mentioned what happens to ours when we're done with them. We didn't even sell all the leftover books from B'con last year -we donated them.

4:20 PM
dick adler said...

I of course donate a lot of books to libraries, but they won't take ARCs. The idea about giving them to cancer patients is a very good one. And even though it does say they're not for sale, ABE and Alibris have no compunctions about listing ARCs.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the site?


Dave Zeltserman said...

Dick, from an author's perspective, it doesn't much matter to me if someone sells an arc, but if a reviewer sells it without reviewing the book first, it's a bit like rubbing salt in the wound.

--Dave Zeltserman

dick adler said...

I try to read everything that comes in -- especially your stuff.., Dave -- and then attempt to sell a review to or The Chicago Trib. But they're both underspaced and overloaded, so my batting average has slipped below .300.